Estate Planning and Administration  

Tax Matters

Our firm has extensive experience in the administration of decedent’s estates so that we can guide executors and families through what can be a very confusing process.  We can advise through consulting sessions with clients how to best plan their estates to ensure that the wishes of those clients are clearly set out so that the administration and distribution of their assets comply with well thought out intentions.  We can discuss the aspects of probate and trust administration and explain how these processes differ and where they are the same.  And most importantly we provide our clients with explanations as to the current status of taxes affecting the passage of assets on death and how that passage may also impact on the beneficiaries.

The services we provide in the areas of the preparation of estate planning documents, elder law; income, estate and trust taxation; and business organization and planning and administration, all become inter-related as our relationship with the client begins and grows.  This is why it is so common that our clients have been our clients for many years. 

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